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Ready to leave the #awkward crickets behind and start truly connecting with your people?

You’re in the right place.

Pure Gold! Gin takes all your stress and turns it into absolute magic that captures and captivates your audience. Such a dream to work with!”
Evy Gantenbein, Content Marketing Director for James Wedmore


… why the heck are you still standing there in the shadows?

You have WORLD-CHANGING IDEAS to get out there.

And people are waiting for your genius, to make the shifts they need to transform their lives!

So why the hesitation?

Ah. Don’t tell me – 

You just can’t seem to connect with your perfect customers.

Yup, I hear you – you’ve tried it all!

And no matter how you spin your messaging …

  • your social media engagement is shocking (and not in a fun ‘BOO!’ kinda way) 
  • your email open-rate has flat-lined (paddles … CLEAR!) 
  • your launch webinars create less excitement than a high school Zoom class (#awkward)

Which frankly leaves you

… super-frustrated (you have GOLD to share – but no one’s listening)

… exhausted (how long can you keep this up with so little to show for all your efforts?)

… and ready to jack it all in for an Uber gig before you’re bankrupted by your fruitless Ad spend.

Plus your wish for a radically better future – for your audience, your business AND your world – stays firmly locked down.

I’m here for you.

I help superstar experts like you truly CONNECT with your perfect audience – so you can convert more customers, empower more people to live fuller, richer lives … and make more money doing it than you ever dreamed possible.

*Enter Gin in dust-puff of epic success*

By the power of brain-based, belief-shifting conversion copy, I position YOU as the guiding light in your customer’s personal success story – speaking to their soul and easing them irresistibly into inspired action …

So they buy into your transformational solution – and you make the impact (and money) you crave.

I’m Gin. Enjoy me Responsibly.


Gin’s copy for my client’s latest launch delivered EPIC results! $311K revenue – with a 12% conversion rate from the launch list! I really appreciated how she’s “all in” for her clients. So supportive, fun, so flexible and service-oriented – she goes above and beyond, with a deep commitment to learning more about the client. She wasn’t just phoning it in, but really trying to get a deeper understanding of the client and his people throughout the launch. That meant a LOT to me, and it wasn’t something that I was anticipating.” Jennifer Rosenfeld

Business Coach for Musician Entrepreneurs

“Don’t hire Gin because you need a copywriter who plays by the rules and waits for you to feed her instructions. Hire Gin Walker to awaken a brand voice you didn’t even know you had… unlock revenue opportunities your CMO didn’t even know existed… and who can swiftly execute upon those opportunities with the conversion-focused copy that actually makes the cash register ring.” Ry Schwartz

Email Copy Expert, Expression Engineer

“Gin swiftly executes … with conversion-focused copy that actually makes the cash register ring!” Ry Schwartz, Email Copy Expert, Expression Engineer

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