Want to magnetize youR audience with the brain-based magic of conversion copy?

Well hello, ACTION-FOCUSED course creator … I’ve been expecting you

And nice work finding me, my friend – because I could be just what you need.

You’re a passionate innovator with world-changing ideas to share – a bit of a revolutionary, driven to make a difference in humanity’s future, right?

You’re also constantly battling to engage your audience – frustrated beyond belief by the slow uptake of your courses.

You have so much to offer – your past students have raved about the difference you’ve made in their lives. But you just can’t seem to reach into the heads of all those others out there, whose lives you KNOW you can transform.

So instead of opening their eyes to the genius of your sparkling solutions, time and again they quietly move on by, seemingly oblivious.

And your wish for a radically better future – for your audience, your business, and your family – stays firmly bottled up.

This is where I come in >>>

* cue Copy Genie, in puff of epic success *

I help innovators like you make the impact you crave.

Using the magic of conversion copy, I position your brand as the guiding light in your customer’s personal success story – speaking to their soul and easing them effortlessly to inspired action …

So you can transform their world – and yours.

I hear your wish. And it is my command.

Ready to rub that lamp?

People LIKE YOU whO FEEL the magic

Don’t hire Gin because you need a copywriter who plays by the rules and waits for you to feed her instructions. Hire Gin Walker to awaken a brand voice you didn’t even know you had… unlock revenue opportunities your CMO didn’t even know existed… and who can swiftly execute upon those opportunities with the conversion focused copy that actually makes the cash register ring.

Ry Schwartz

Email Copywriter, Ethospreneur, Expression Engineer

I commissioned Gin for a copy critique of a content piece that needed to function like lead generation copy. Her insights improved my storytelling, authority development, and call to action. I plan on making this piece cornerstone content on my website and am confident Gin’s improvements will turn many more readers into subscribers. To save the best for last, Gin was a delight to work with (and the sultry British accent helped, I’m sure).

Nabeel Azeez

Head of Growth, UBRIK Media, Top Inbound Marketing Agency in Dubai

Gin’s super-effective email and web copy for our latest fundraising campaign played a big part in making it our best year yet! We brought in a massive 34% more than our already-challenging target of $12,000 –around 60% more than we reached the previous year (in more than six months)!!

Angela Astle

Founder | Executive Producer, Athena Project

I can always trust Gin to do a superb job. She transforms jargon-riddled subject matter into readable, effective content. She’s friendly, helpful, reliable and enthusiastic, and I look forward to working together again very soon. Angela Turner

Managing Editor, Animal Behaviour Journal

Gin’s winning combination of copy skills, visual flair, and technical knowledge, together with an instinctive knack for engaging communication, meant she was able to transform a lot of ‘sow’s ear’ ideas into hard-working, scientific ‘silk purses’! On top of that, Gin is always cheerful and enthusiastic, and works with clarity and efficiency. Caroline Earle

Senior Project Editor, Ivy Press