Fantastic! You found me. Which makes me feel you’re probably my kind of passionate creative, with a burning BRILLIANCE to offer the world.

>> You want to use your spark to make a solid difference to people’s lives. Oh YESSS.
>> You want to fulfill your potential and shine as your best self. I hear ya.
>> You want your message to light up lives – to grow the revolution. Preach comrade!

BUT you’re not getting the results you want.

And the frustration is suffocating!

Right now, maybe your business has a growing email list – but you’re battling to maintain engagement and get conversions. Your website is pretty – but it’s not getting the sales.

You’re ground down with perpetual low-grade panic that the sales aren’t coming – you’ve investing your whole self in this, after all, and people are relying on you!

Which is why it’s SO great you’re here.

I write words that sell purpose-driven brands like yours, at scale. So you can make the impact you crave.

With an expert healthcheck of your messaging strategy, I can melt that twisting anxiety into ecstatic all-powerfulness, as you watch your engagement soar and your PayPal balance explode.

Using scrupulous research, the latest in social psychology, and a touch of Magic MindreadingTM (courtesy of my years of theatre experience 🎭), I delve into your ideal prospect’s deepest desires, fears and aspirations – how they feel, how they think, what they truly want from you.

With those insights, I weave engaging and persuasive copy, popping with your personality and space-dust sparkles, to tip your prospects over their objections – and down the happy slope to becoming your tribe, your loyal customers, your brand ambassadors.

Now you’re proudly bringing home the grass-fed bacon – so you and your loved ones can enjoy the financial freedom to go on (eco) vacation, drive a fabulous (electric) car, eat out at swanky (organic) restaurants …

And all you’re worrying about is how you can meet the massively hiked demand!

That’s the dream, right?

Yup. And I can help make it happen.

So let’s talk magic words.


Doesn’t it feel almost supernatural (in the best way) when life leads you exactly where you need to be?

If you’d looked into a crystal ball years ago and told my awkward, British, 20-something self that one day I’d be living among ponderosa pines in Evergreen, Colorado, and writing words to help eco-pioneers save the planet – I’d have giggled nervously and shuffled back to the galley-proofs I was checking.

At the time, I was a science desk editor at Hodder & Stoughton in leafy Sevenoaks, England – a fantastic grounding for a Natural Sciences graduate from Cambridge with a vague notion to ‘go into publishing,’ but my horizons were pretty narrow.

Nevertheless, that job gave me my first taste of the power of copy to persuade.

Our department were bidding to publish a series of books for a big examination board. It was a heart-stoppingly important contract – so it was unfathomable to me that I was asked to write our proposal!

Knowing that so much depended on it, I spent DAYS on that letter. I asked questions, I pored over reports, I read every bit of relevant information I could dig up – I got inside their heads and figured out EXACTLY what the board wanted from us.

Then I set out, in irresistibly customized terms, EXACTLY how our department could make their every dream come true. I crafted and edited and honed those words until they shone with an almost enchanting clarity that made our offer a no-brainer.

(No-one said ‘no-brainer’ in the 90s, obviously … but you get my point.)

And it worked – we got the contract! I was a COPY HERO!!

The thrill of that early success still fills me with wonder. It is genuinely magical to me that words – the stories they build and the emotions they stir – can be so powerful.

And I love that there is ALWAYS a solution. Just the right words, to precisely the right person, at exactly the right time … will always cast the spell you need. It’s just a matter of finding those words.

I’ve spent decades now shaping people’s thinking with stories – as an editor, an author, an actor and director (yup, that’s a another story right there …) and of course as a copywriter.

I’ve worked with major publishers, solo-preneurs, non-profits and start-ups. I’ve trained with some of the biggest names in marketing and copywriting.

And now my story has brought me to you.

Hey, it’s almost as if it’s meant to be … as if YOU’RE SUMMONING ME or something …!

So what do you say? Come on, let’s find YOUR magic words and rewrite the future for your world.


Gin Walker Sustainability CopywriterMaking magic at Vintage Theatre, Denver, as The Bogle in Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol – on the page or on the stage, it’s all about the story!